Time on the Market

With Spring in full effect we tend to see more activity on the sales of Saskatoon properties. This year there was a lot of “talk” that the market was soft or slowing down. There is no denying that it did slow down in 2015. In fact the average sale price dropped by 0.88%.

But in the residential sales within Saskatoon city limits we have seen 271 houses sell in the month of May 2016.┬áIt took on average 31.25 days for a house ranging from $24,000.00 – $1,070,000.00.

Last year there was 298 houses that sold in the month of May. It took those houses 42.71 days on average to sell. Ranging from $55,000.00 – $872,500.00.


Whether you are thinking of selling in this active market or buying where people consider it to be a “Buyer’s” market, please do not hesitate to give us a call and put us to work for you.

Talk to you soon!